Thursday, January 17, 2013

Travel Days = No Fun

I'm sorry, but this "Writing Blog" is now a "Writing/Travel Blog."  Theoretically I could have a separate blog for my travels in Sevilla and beyond, but considering I barely update this one, I figured it's better this way.

After over 24 hours of travel (I lost count of the actual number.  It's something like 32) I am finally in Sevilla, Spain.  Arrived last night :)

So, what was travel like?  Well, I started in Philadelphia and flew to New York.  Yup, a 25 minute flight.  (But for some reason, it saved me $1500, so I guess I can't complain).  Then I sat in JFK for five hours and took off at 7:50.  Flying, flying, flying, until we landed in Madrid at 8:10 local time (2:10 in the States).  Great!  I had four hours before my next flight.  Plenty of time to get my luggage, shuttle on over to another terminal, check in and recheck the luggage, and find my gate.  I also managed to meet up with some friends.

But alas, I knew everything was going too smoothly.  For some reason, I was given a "Standby" boarding pass.  And just my luck, there was no room on the plane.

As Customer Service quickly figured out, I was supposed to be on that plane.  They put me on the next flight and gave me 250 euros.  Woot!  I had to wait in Madrid for 6 more hours, but while waiting, I made met some students who, turns out, are in my study abroad program.  Hooray new friends!

That's all for now.  I'll update more once I have photos!

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