Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I'm an Intern!

I've been doing this all day.  (Fun Fact:  Rapunzel is my favorite Disney princess)
Guess what?  I am now an intern at the Booker Albert Literary Agency!  I am so excited, but as my psychologist-mother likes to point out, I'm low-affect-intensity, which means that instead of screaming with joy, I express my excitement by doing something like this > > > > > > > > >

So you'll have to trust me when I say I'm really excited.  For about three years now I've wanted to be a literary agent, so now I have my dream internship.  Wanna know something even better?  It's remote, which means I don't have to commute to New York!  And since Seville, Spain will be home for the next six months, that's fantastic.  I can read queries, manuscripts, etc. at the table of an outdoor café, all while sipping Spanish coffee and eating churros.  Yeah, I know.  My life is awesome right now :)

I can't wait to work with these two amazing agents:  Jordy Albert and Brittany Booker.  I look forward to learning about agenting, and I am so grateful for such a wonderful opportunity!

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