Sunday, September 23, 2012

Work vs. Aromas

Usually, when I have a lot of work, my thoughts go something like this:

Wow, I have a lot of work.  Well, if I get this much finished by 3:00, then I'll go to Aromas.  I'll still have loads of work, but at least I'll be at Aromas.

Aromas is a little coffee shop a few minutes from my home.  Not only is the coffee excellent, but the soft music and dark paneled walls create a serene atmosphere that makes me bubble over with happiness.  So it's great to reward myself with a trip to Aromas -- though, admittedly, it's not great to reward myself midway through my work, especially because my work would continue at Aromas.

Which means I'd ruin the sanctity of the place -- and yes, to me it's a holy place.  Normally I'm there for my personal life -- to meet up with friends, to sip coffee while perusing a good book, and most frequently, to write.  These pleasant activities have turned Aromas into a safe haven, if you will.  So when I sit down with a whole bunch of spreadsheets, that's bad.  Really bad.  The very presence of "real work" chips away at Aromas's sacred nature.  But I really wanted to go to Aromas, so I went anyway -- and as expected, those spreadsheets didn't stay out too long.  I surrendered, and settled back with a book instead.  Lesson learned.

Do you have any "sacred" places?  Favorite writing spots?


  1. I need to find me a sacred writing spot. Mostly it's this multi-colored comfy chair early in the morning when no one's around to disturb me. I guess that would require a laptop that didn't die three seconds after I removed it from the power plug (yeah, it's old). But I recently used my phone to write while on a trip, and that worked out decently. Hmmmm... Aromas does sound nice though... Yeesh, I need another holiday so I can take a break and write. Unfortunately for me that's not until the end of November. :(

    I'm glad you've found a good haven to write in though. How are your WIPs coming?

    1. I use my phone to write all the time. When I'm waiting in line, usually, but sometimes when I'm walking (which usually ends with me tripping or crashing into somebody else).

      My WIP is going so-so. I've had such a hard time finding time to write, but hopefully that will change. Things are looking up!