Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Goin' Patchy

So I've been absent from the blog for a long while -- and unfortunately, I predict I'll be absent for a bit longer.

For the past two weeks I had been losing vision in my left eye.  Not too concerning, at first, since it wasn't consistent:  some days I dealt with strange shadows, but on others I could see almost perfectly, so I avoided a doctor until Friday.

On Saturday I rushed to Richmond, VA, for emergency surgery.  Turns out I could've gone blind if I waited too much longer.

The wonderful doctors saved my vision, but it won't entirely return for a whole year.  So for now I'm stuck with 20/70 vision in my left eye -- and that's with glasses.  Frankly, my vision in that eye is so wonky, I have to wear an eyepatch to keep it from interfering with my right eye.  Otherwise it'd be like going through life wearing only one contact -- and when your prescription is in the double digits, that's more than uncomfortable.

So, eyepatch it is.


  1. So sorry to hear about that Sam, but I'm so glad you're okay! And hey, an eyepatch might not be a bad thing... could be an awesome way to do research for a pirate story!

    1. Haha a lot of friends told me that same thing! My WIP, THE LOST FIGUREHEAD, is a pirate book, but nobody has an eyepatch. I may have to change that, since I'm quickly becoming an expert.